Yoy to the world !

The first of our tokens.  Yoy launched 31-12-2023 at 12:10 on BNB Chain. A stealth launch.A fair  launch also. There is no pre sale, no reserves, no team tokens.


One billion tokens (the total minted supply) and 3.3 BNB (1000 dollars at that time) in the pool. The LP tokens are locked for one year at Mudra.


Restrictions : there is a 1% max wallet and 1% max transaction limit.  The skeleton contract is for a full dividend token, but I won’t use any of that functionally. I sadly cannot renounce the contract, but we’ll fix that next year.

BNB Chain Token address YOY token

This is the YOY token adress on BNB Chain 

(links to bscscan) 



Trade it !

You can trade YOY at PancakeSwap

It is a smart contract token, but it isn’t meant to do anything. It just exists, a digital token, just like Bitcoin.

The price is not tied to a business or business process, the price is decided on demand and supply.

For now, all you can do with it, is trade it. 

Purpose of Yoy

Yoy is meant as payment token for the site. And as dividend rewards token for our upcoming community token.

The graph :