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I launched YOY today, 31-12-2023 12:10.

It is a pool that started as 1 billion tokens versus 3.3 BNB (1000 dollars at the time). The bots and snipers and speculators had their fun with it, a flurry of buys and sells, +1000%, 10.000 dollars in the pool and boom, it crashed… That’s okay. It will work as it has to with the 1000 dollars base pool.

The token is meant to be developed as payment token and as the reward token of a later token that will be called SW3, the ‘business token’.

I can comprehend people might have concerns, about identity and ownership, and the contract.

About ownership, I can sadly not renounce the contract, otherwise I would have done that. The pool is locked for a year over at Mudra. I don’t have team tokens or any reserves. I bought about half a percent right at the start through PancakeSwap, along with the bots and snipers.

About identification : the link to my personal blog (juust dot org) is in the footer. I know people like KYC. I will do that once I launched SW3 and have some budget from the project. That might be a few months.

About the contract : there are a lot of functions in the contract. The contract is a generated contract and came with full functionality for a taxation token. I won’t activate any taxes. The token is meant to be feeless.

YOY is meant to be feeless for a number of reasons :

  1. Feeless tokens have cheaper transactions. A feeless token doesn’t make many mutations on the chain. So these are cheaper transactions, 20 to 30 cents on the Binance Smart Chain. A taxation token often has 1,50 as transaction cost on the Binance Smart Chain, as it has more mutations.
  2. The YOY token is meant as dividend reward token for a later community business token (SW3). Most people only make 1 dollar a week in trade fees. For these people a feeless token with cheaper transaction fees works better as reward token.
  3. the YOY token is meant as future payment token for the site. Taxation tokens don’t work easily for payments.
  4. DePay (a payment gateway like Stripe), allow you to use a token as payment token in WooCommerce if it is feeless and has a 10.000 dollar liquidity pool.

So we need a feeless token.

You can read more about the token and check it’s graph on the Yoy token page.

Published December 31, 2023