Trezor is a leading hardware wallet provider, known for its excellent security measures in safeguarding valuable cryptocurrencies. Trezor’s goal is to protect private keys and minimize the risks associated with online exposure. Trezor achieves this by combining the physical hardware device with a user-friendly web-based application for managing the wallet. 

Trezor offers a rich variety of settings. It includes essential features such as setting up key pairs, generating recovery seeds, adding an extra layer of security with a PIN-Passphrase combination, and utilizing a two-interface transaction signing system.

Trezor offers native support for over 40 cryptocurrencies on the Trezor Model T and more than 12 cryptocurrencies on the Trezor Model One. It is also compatible with all ERC-20 tokens. 

Trezor hardware wallets can be used for storing other cryptocurrencies and NFTs, but these may need to be managed through third-party wallet interfaces like MetaMask. Trezor does not support the purchase of NFTs directly. They can however be stored on the wallet, turning it into a Web3 wallet.

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