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Have you stumbled on the term Web3 ? Are you wondering ‘what is web 3 ?’. You have come to the right address.

Web3: The Next Frontier of the Internet

Now, my friend, you probably know a bit about the internet. It’s like a vast playground where people can share pictures, watch videos, and chat with friends. Think of Web3 as the next big playground slide, but this one is even more exciting! It allows you to create and own and transfer valuables on the web.

You may have heard about NFT’s, one NFT digital artwork being traded for 69 million dollars. That is all possible with Web3.

Web1, Web2, and the Leap to Web3

In 1991, we had Web1. It was a simple place where you could read information on websites but couldn’t really interact much. Like looking at a picture in a book but not touching it.

Then came Web2, where things got more lively! Websites became interactive. You could chat with friends, play games, and even shop online.

But now, Web3 is here, and it’s a game-changer! Web3 isn’t just about interacting; it’s about owning and controlling your own stuff. And being able to trade and transfer these ‘valuables’.

The Web of Value: Owning Your Digital Treasure

Now, here’s where it gets really fascinating. Web3 introduces something called the “Web of Value.” Everything you create on the web, you can now own, and monetize. Pictures, posts, any content can be turned into an NFT.

In the old days of Web1 and Web2, big companies owned most of the toys in the playground. But in Web3, you have the power! You can create your own digital treasures, whether it’s art, music, games, or even special tokens that people want to collect. And the best part? You own them! No one can take away your treasures without your permission.

Unlocking Your Own Value

In Web3, you’re not just a visitor; you’re a creator, an owner, a treasure hunter! You can build things that people love, trade with others, and even earn rewards for your contributions. It is becoming an economy of it’s own.

Imagine drawing a beautiful picture and someone from across the world wants to buy it from you. With Web3, you can do that, and the money goes straight to your digital wallet. Like having your own PayPal in a global marketplace. “Be your own bank” is a crypto creed.

In Conclusion

So, there you have it. Web3 101. Web3 is like a playground where you’re not just playing; you’re building, owning, and unlocking your own value. It’s a world where you have the power, and the possibilities are endless!

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Happy exploring, and may your Web3 journey be filled with joy, learning, and endless treasures!

Published December 29, 2023