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The market was discovering YOY today.

Someone put the telegram group invite link in their group and we got a lot of telegram members ! Well, we did, for about an hour. Then Telegram banned my phone. And judging by a post on Twitter, they also shut down the telegram group as well.

I was not aware of doing something against their policies. But that seems to have put an end to YOY token’s “resurrection”.

It is a damn shame because as you see, some people were truly interested in the token. But as you can see, once Telegram shut the group down, it was soon over.

On the other hand, it is better this way. This token is very likely not what you are looking for. I had just gotten the chance on the telegram group to respond to some questions and explain what the token is, and what I and the site are about.

The truth basically comes as a disappontment to the ‘investors’. But that is how it should be. DYOR, do your own research, practice due diligence, read the disclaimer, read the white paper. And you would surely have concluded in all your logic and wisdom that this is not the token you are looking for.

But thank you for showing an interest in the project.

I really appreciate that. I was quite taken by surprise, by the sudden interent and didn’t quite know what to say, but it is good. People will have questions, and I am going to have to answer all of these questions anyway down the road, might as well start now. Sometimes that can be confronting, I hate disappointing people. But you deserve to know the truth, so you can make up your own mind and make the right decisions.

The Telegram group vanishing didn’t do much for my reputation or the token. But YOY token didn’t vanish, I didn’t run off, the token is here to stay and in a few months, it will have its first use case. As gating token of the site.

My site plan is more for the long term, aimed at onboarding a ‘senior web3 users’ community. I want to develop some high quality content, and attract senior web3 users.

Seniors are ‘valuable’ people. Everyone is priceless, of course, but the market counts in dollars. These people can often invest 10-50K without losing their social and financial security. They are not ‘accredited investors’, but some do want to invest, and are interested in web3 and crypto.

Companies often have a 20% budget for marketing per sale. Other companies would be willing to spend 2.000 to even 10.000 dollars just to get that 10-50K the senior web3 user might represent. I want to gather a lot of these web3 hungry seniors on the site, and handle our own advertizing.

In ways that works like a ‘high value’ call group.

It can be a better deal for advertizing projects. Google reportedly take a 30% cut, so a company could save up to 30% on their marketing cost if they work directly with us. A click on ‘invest in crypto’ cost 22 dollars in the 2021 bullmarket. 70% (14 dollars) goes to the site, 30% (7 dollars) goes to Google.

We could get that 22 dollars ourselves. Or settle for 14. That is the better deal for advertizing projects, it saves them 30% of marketing cost. So there is money in that game. That is my basic site monetization plan. Take control of our own advertising. That should cover the hosting cost and cost of producing some premium content.

Not very exciting, quite a standard play.

As future use case for YOY, I want to “gate” part of the content as ‘premium content’. To read the ‘premium content’, and access the ‘call group’ for the hot tips and best offers in town, you will have to hold 100 dollars of YOY.

I have a lot more ideas, some for YOY, some for the site. Some of which involve web3.0, others web2.0. Web2.0 software for online communities is rather stable, mature, cheap, battle tested. Adding the power of web3 tokens for networking and community building, might work well together. I want to explore that. But as such it is even more web2.0 than web3.0. It is not a pure coding project, it is a development project.

So again, I am deeply sorry to disappoint you, I hope you did not loose any money. In that case, I am even more sorry. In retrospect I could have done a lot of things different, but hey, I cannot change it. I can only learn from it.

But in the end, the token is online, it functions as it should. YOY doesn’t do anything of itself, and won’t be doing anything for the next few months. I won’t be spending funds on marketing, because the project is not making any money. I am not a rich dude, I cannot fund the marketing of a complete token community.

It is not that I am not investing in the token. But I think I can add more value to it by investing my time in the main site, and get the show on the road, get some traffic on the site, gate some content, and try and get some seniors on the site and start up the ‘high value call group’ 🙂

If you want to help the site, give us a link here and there. And please, do not think harshly of us. I want a spot in the market for the long term. So I want us to be friends.

If you have more question, feel free to ask. I will try to answer as honest as possible. Please ask on the forum, others might have the same question and would appreciate finding an answer on the site.

Published January 1, 2024